benjamin lowinsky

Dr. Benjamin David Lowinsky

Professor Emeritus

I left a long telephone message, expressing, among other things, my gratitude and appreciation to you, the company and others for all your time, effort, help and guidance in helping me navigate through the rapids of the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award and those matters pertinent to my own biographical article related to the aforementioned award which I won. Let me also emphasize the fact that I was very pleased with how everything turned out, from the punctual clockwork delivery of all five copies of this special irreplaceable book, to their sound and intact condition, to their impressive and beautiful appearance, to the high-quality type, print and in general production. You and your company, Maria, managed to create a truly aesthetically pleasing book with an incredibly rich variety of biographical subject matter and a refined command of language, part of which also owes its existence to the breadth and depth of talent and expertise found among these highly chosen and distinguished individuals who are being celebrated and honored in ways that almost defy description.  I was deeply moved and indeed even humbled not just by the Executive Spotlight which my biographical article took up at the beginning of the book, thus allowing me greater prominence and another page of space, but also by the stellar job you and your team did in making sure everything was well written from the rudiments of grammar to the mechanics of production.

Congratulations on your outstanding work, and I would like to thank you personally, Maria, for the special care and attention you gave to every detail and issue I brought to your attention. You treated me not only most professionally, but also with a great sense of respect, magnanimity and humanity. Thank you, Maria, and so many of your colleagues, once again, for your generous time, effort and service. They will never be forgotten, for they will always serve as precious reminders and mementos of all that is so unique and historically significant about your company, the Albert Nelson Marquis Who’s Who, especially with respect to A Lifetime of Achievement as rendered by Our Collection of Prestigious Listees. Finally, I would like to thank you, Maria, your colleagues and your famous company for the distinct and prestigious honor you paid me with the Albert Nelson Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award and for having Marquis Who’s Who Top Educators recognize my dedication, achievements and leadership in my profession and fields of concentration. Let me wish you all the best in the future and I hope I will have the privilege again of being able to work with you and to receive your professional and enlightened advice and expertise, should such an opportunity present itself again

- Dr. Benjamin David Lowinsky

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