marilyn larson

Marilyn Larson

Music Educator (Retired)

To all who have worked so hard on my biography, there are no words big enough to express my deep gratitude. You have touched my heart, more than you will ever know. To all the remarkable staff at Who’s Who, I want to thank you all. Your tremendous effort to seek out and recognize the contributions of many people, is a testament to your good hearts. Most importantly, however, is your determination to acknowledge the journey- as well as our accomplishments along the way. It is the moral courage of organizations such as Who’s Who, which give voice to those who see what is to come. The Who’s Who collection is a sweeping history of our country and the world. Who’s Who is the story of life.

You are amazing, one and all! How you can wade through a lifetime and come up with a narrative, with insight that allows you to see the unseen, and understand it all – this is beyond my comprehension. Blessings to you all!

With sincere appreciation,

Marilyn Larson

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