Professional Narrative

lynne jonquieres

Lynne Jonquieres

This is a very nice press release. You all have done a wonderful job. Thank you so much. I will also send it out to a few places. Lynne Jonquieres Press Release

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nancy gimmestad

Nancy Gimmestad

Thank you for the press release, Ellen, and for all the work that entailed. Since you are, to me, the face of Marquis, I also thank you for the recognition. I recognize that I am only one of the many people you shepherd through the process. You must have the

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nicholas kittrie

Nicholas Kittrie

Dear Ellen, Hard labor truly pays off. Thanks to all who played a part in reaching our goal. Dr. Kittrie is relieved to know that the effective cooperation, however time-consuming, finally is paying off in portraying quite accurately who he is and what he is about. Good job!!!!! BestGeorgette

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tonda williams

Tonda Williams

Dear Ellen: Attached the signed and approved Narrative. You may proceed with distribution. Again, I wish to thank the entire Marquis Who’s Who team for theirprofessional care and guidance throughout the process. Warm Regards, Tonda Williams

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Rashmi Desai

Hello Ellen: Thank you for your help in this process all the way to its final conclusion. The announcement is perfect. All the best, Rashmi Desai.

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edith persing

Edith Persing

We approve this update. We approve your distribution. Thank you dearly for such an excellent writing on Edith. She is a remarkable woman. Linda, her daughter

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harvey simmons

Harvey Simmons

Thank you. The material you sent out was beautifully done. I’m very pleased with what you’ve provided. Narrative Top Professional Lawyers

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Budd Hallberg

Budd Hallberg

Good Morning Ellen: Your staff has done a wonderful job in preparing the Professional Narrative Release. Thanks for your prompt attention to these changes. I look forward in approving a final Professional Narrative release soon. Budd Hallberg

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mark mirabello

Mark Mirabello

Thank you for your wonderful work. I have made some changes in the attachment–highlighted in red. Please print the updated version. Professional Narrative

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